PLANNING + EVENT DESIGN /  Château Fengari  VENUE /  Château Fengari  FLORAL /  Coeur Sauvage  ASSISTANT + VIDEO / David MAZEAU

From the aerial grace of a meticulously arranged outdoor ceremony to the intimate twilight embrace, D&J's Bordeaux wedding was a symphony of elegance and emotion. Every moment—from the bride's solitary reflection to the couple's joyous dance—was captured with a touch of Franklyn's signature style, ensuring memories as timeless as the Château itself.

These snapshots tell a story of love that's as deep as the roots of the Bordeaux vineyards. Thank you, D&J, for letting us be a part of your extraordinary day.


Franklyn K Photography is recognized among the top echelons of photographers worldwide, offering work that distinctly showcases its excellence. We remain deeply appreciative for the opportunity to collaborate with Franklyn K Photography, confident in the knowledge that the images produced will not only meet but exceed the anticipations of both our team and our clients.”

- Noor & Adrien, Leban