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Paris Wedding Photographer


Paris Wedding Photographer


Paris Wedding Photographer


Paris Wedding Photographer


Paris Wedding Photographer


If you realize a wedding that do not suit you , you will want some vendors and planner that do not fit to your personality.
It’s important to trust your vendors and to have a good relationship with them.
A wedding is like a team, to win a game, we need to work together. It’s the same for a successful wedding.
A wedding has to be a wonderful moment, during the planning process and the D-day. If you create this unique wedding, you will be more relax to manage it.So create one that you’ll be happy to see come to life.

If you are more fashion, cheeky, bold and self confidence, the first look will fit you the best. The suit is a timeless chic style for a wedding day. Women can get a new silhouette with resolutely feminine forms with a sexy touch.
For your make up, add a sexy red lipstick, a light smoky eyes and a low bun with some messy strands of hair.

Complete this look with gold earrings and a beautiful pair of shoes, The Bella belle shoes

This is a huge point in the city of fashion

“Do not forget that the style matters but the choice of your vendors too, according to your personality.”


It is important for me to be very discreet to support my narrative based on sincere and emotional moments. My photographic approach is based on capturing moments on location. Through my framing, I propose bright, joyful and colorful images with also beautiful and timeless black and white images that freeze memories and magical moments in time. A unique experience with a French wedding photographer Passionate about travel, I travel the world with my old film camera.

Through my eyes, my photographic approach and my experience, I wish to share with you this wedding day that will remain unique.

Getting married in the most beautiful wedding venues, in Europe and around the world.

My photographic approach, based on French elegance, is to capture all the moments of emotion, joy and the smallest details of this event. I focus on the real moments with your family and friends. moments that have meaning and reflect your wedding day. My style is a mix of creative photography with a little artistic editorial touch.

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