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Swiss wedding inspiration

Geneva is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. The Old Town, with its back-to-back cobblestone streets and extravagant Palais de Résistance, is a perfect place for a wedding. Yet this old town also has plenty of modern hotels which are suitable for couples who are looking to save money. Switzerland’s marriage law allows for local regions to make their own rules about the wedding that take place there, meaning that couples can get married in Geneva without having to wait until they’re posted abroad. Here are some tips on how to plan your new beginning together in Geneva!

Vevey, a small town on the shore of Lake Geneva, much like the swans that frolic on its eponymous Alpine lake, is a rare bird. Sleek, cosmopolitan and unparalleled in elegance, the Salle del Castillo built in 1904 and newly renovated is firmly anchored both in the past and present has so much charisma that it instantly brought to life our vision for this shoot.

It is important for me to be very discreet to support my narrative based on sincere and emotional moments. My photographic approach is based on capturing moments on location. Through my framing, I propose bright, joyful and colorful images with also beautiful and timeless black and white images that freeze memories and magical moments in time. A unique experience with a French wedding photographer. Passionate about travel, I travel the world with my old film camera.

Through my eyes, my photographic approach and my experience, I wish to share with you this wedding day that will remain unique.

Getting married in the most beautiful wedding venues, in Europe and around the world.

My photographic approach, based on French elegance, is to capture all the moments of emotion, joy and the smallest details of this event. I focus on the real moments with your family and more. moments that have meaning and reflect your wedding day. My style is a mix of creative photography with a little artistic editorial touch came from my inspiration.

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