How to choose a wedding photographer ?

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Destination Wedding Photographe Paris

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Destination Wedding Photographe Paris

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Destination Wedding Photographe Paris
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In general the photographer does not work alone, even if he is a master of his art. These interactions can show you more if they are in agreement with his vision.

How to do this?

Take the time to look at his recent work with wedding planners, florists, graphic designers etc. But also look at recent publications in specialized magazines, like Martha Stewart, SMP, and more .

In addition, you can also contact or ask your wedding planner to take the temperature with the photographer in question. Finally, observe his recommendations on the company’s page, for example on. google or with the bride and groom already on his website if possible.

Relations & Recommendations

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There is a saying: a people without vision is a people without restraint.

When looking for a photographer, you must look carefully at the state of his or her shop window. Today you have a lot of ways to spot your gem. You have the tools like Instagram, Pinterest but also the photographer’s website.

If you are looking for authenticity and consistency in your wedding coverage, take the time to do this with the three word method. The principle is to place three words that best describe your ideal wedding day or weekend and look for them in the photographer’s work

Example: Light, Intensity and Solar. If you have a photographer in your line of mir whose words are not perceptible, I can guarantee you that the result can make you regret your choice

Vision of wedding


An city legend says that photographers are often seen as lonely and shy people.

It is essential to feel comfortable with the photographer. You need to feel comfortable with the person. This is very important. It would never occur to you to entrust your house to a stranger. It is also important for you to feel comfortable with your photographer. He will certainly be there in your moments of introspection, intimacy and you must be careful.

For example, you can see if his package includes a couple session or engagement session. This is a good sign to measure his approach and his way of being.

This criterion has to be observed but it should not be the only one but it is very important.



wedding photographer ?

You must know that your photographer must be able to convince you from the first appointment because his vision is in agreement with your desire. If you are facing a person who is very square in his description, his relationship to life, it is very likely that his price will be consistent with what he has shown you. And certainly you won’t be disappointed by his service and maybe the beginning of a friendship.



If you want of to book your wedding photographer, I will gladly accompany you on this journey. Let’s create some magical photographs together. Get in touch with me, and we can choose the right location together. I will make sure to fulfill all your expectations so that everything runs smoothly!


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